Tuesday, January 18, 2011




    UNITS New English File Upperinter.
    Wiki The English corner by Luz
                       HAVE  A GREAT SUMMER
    Holidays in London? Why not? and Let´s visit London
    Symbols of Britain  and Keep reading about Britain, Idioms 



      Unit 5 Read about the slow movement philosophy, Did-you-hear-the-office-gossip? Read the contributions too.,  Proverbs and Sayings Quizzes

      BASIC 2

      Webs to check Vocabulary: Flashcard LibraryPictographic Dictionary and another Pictographic Dictionary
      We can use this Elementary Grammar Practice

      BASIC 1

      Webs to check Vocabulary: Flashcard Library, Pictographic Dictionary and another Pictographic Dictionary
      We can use this Elementary Grammar Practice

      Webs to Practise:
      UNITS New English File Elementary
      WIKI The English corner by Luz 

      -Numbers ,The Alphabet, the Who song , the What song and the When song and Phonetics, Country adjectives

      - Family Vocab. go to Tematico and find it, then do Quiz , 
      - Jobs and Exercise on Jobs
      - The Possessive
      - Words to describe appearances, The time
      - Video on frequency adverbs how-often-always-usually-often-never,
      - Prepositions List and  Prepositions exercise (In,At,On) 
      - Everyday activities Song and Daily Life in England 

      - Can and Can´t,   Like/Dislike exercise
      Vocabulary on Food
      - Clothes 1 and Clothes and Fashion vocab Clothes Shopping Power Point , Body and Clothes interlex Shops, Clothes, Etiquette in England, 
      - Love and Music A love story, Love Story song,  
      Music Vocab. quiz, Songs What would you like to eat? and How much is it?  

      - Past Simple glogster
      - Revision of Routines (can you write the verbs that you hear in the past?)
      - Australia Did you know? (prepositions practice)
      - Let´s memorize Past Irregulars by playing a game, Fill in the gaps in these stories Story 1 , Story 2 , Story 3 
      - EASTER

      - We keep working on the Past Simple
      - Prepositions of place
      - Parts in the houseHouse and Home
      -Present Continuous 1 and Present Contin. 2
      - Capitals of Europe , Holidays and Travel 

      - Countables and Uncountables
      - Food and Drink interlex (do Ingredients, Drinks, Meals and Fruit 1),
      -Be going to explanation and practice and Listen to this family´s plan for tomorrow
      - Some-Any  Exercise 1  and Exercise 2(with song)
       -Food in Spain , School Menu,

      -Food, quantities and containers, 
      -Countables and Uncountable nouns exercise

      -Comparing friends, and more Comparatives Exercise 1 and  Exercise 2 
      -The Superlative Exercise 1 and Exercise 2
      -Adjectives and Adverbs Song (Supertramp)
      - If you like football

      - Preset Perfect exercises also do Present Perfect or Simple Past 
      - Revision game Game Guess the Word

                   HAVE A WONDERFUL SUMMER
      What do you know about England? This summer Keep reading about Britain
      Holidays in London? Why not?  and London monuments, people and places, New York 
      Test your vocab