Tuesday, November 22, 2011


COLUMBUS DAY The 2nd Monday of October is Columbus Day, celebrating the historic trip of Christopher Columbus to the Americas in 1492. Because Columbus was Italian, this federal holiday is especially important to Italian-Americans but may not be celebrated in all states. 
-HALLOWEEN October 31st is Halloween. During the 19th century, immigrants to the United States brought Halloween customs. These customs have changed over the years. Children in costumes go from house to house saying "trick or treat." The treat usually given is candy and tricks are rarely done. A common symbol of Halloween is the jack-o-lantern, which is carved out of a pumpkin.

-(Power Point)What is Halloween?
-Vocb. and info on Halloween ( check Did you know?)
-Fill in the gaps Halloween and do this Quiz, more Halloween quizzes, songs and  Other Halloween stuff . 
-How to carve your own  Jack o lantern

Guy Fawkes Day/Bonfire Night (5th of November)

Sing along this firework ´s song
More on  Guy Fawkes 

Activities: (beg) Bonfire Night, (adv) Interesting facts about Guy Fawkes

Veteran´s Day
November 11th is Veteran's Day. This federal holiday honors the soldiers who fought in World War I and those who fought for the U.S. in all wars. We celebrate by displaying the American flag from our homes, having parades and decorating graves with flowers and flags.  
It is also known as Poppy Day (Br), Remembrance Day (Br and Canada) or Armistice Day(Belgium and Fr). It is a federal holiday in Canada 

Thanksgiving Power Point
Thanksgiving music
About the turkey and the Thanksgiving meal

Listening exercise
Thanksgiving activities for children (hands-on), also check kaboose.com
-Beginners Different thanksgiving exercises
-Intermediate (videos) The story of pumpkin pie and How to cook a
More on Thanksgiving
Humour: Thanksgiving humor 1 and Funny quotes
Create your own Xmas
Last Christmas
Mary´s Boy Child
Little drummer boy
Wonderful Xmas
Merry Christmas everyone
Let it snow
Frosty the snowman
Mistletoe and Wine
Joy to the world
Santa Claus is coming to town

Merry Christmas Mr Bean 1, Mr Bean 2, Mr Bean 3 and Christmas humor
Xmas songs with Spanish translation
Xmas To Do´s
Christmas Activities, check also Beginners and Pre-intermediate
Xmas in Britain, mince pies and crackers
Christmas around the world