Thursday, March 15, 2012


Read about Easter and do some easy activities
Easter activities

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Fran Urendez said...

Easter has become a week vacation for many people in our country. Many years ago, the main reason, in which Easter was based were the religious celebrations..But nowadays, most of the people prefer going for a trip or a short vacation. In spite of this, processions are followed by thousands of people in different cities all over Spain.
Between Christmas and summer, there is an endless road: eight months working nearly without a rest. Only Easter is a fantastic time to do other things. However, this year, we had a horrible weather: it was rainy, cloudy, and it was so cold... Even worst than last year´s. I could say, it was the coldest Easter I’ve ever lived through.
Moreover, I must tell you that spending free days with family is better than going out, especially if the weather is bad. I hope next year our Easter is not as nasty as this last one.

Sergio Mártinez 3ºB said...

Easter has come once again bringing us its unmistakeble scent through our streets. Despite the weather wasn´t the best to enjoy the beautiful parades, people went out to celebrate it,having a good time looking at the parades surrounded with their families.
In fact,in Guadix we were lucky because we could see all the processions in the streets although the sky threatened to rain during the whole week.
However in other places like can be SEvilla where the Easter is the most famous in Spain, people have been working a lot prepearing everything and some parades couldn´t get out of the church, what it is deeply pity. What I mean, behind all these parades there is a great preparation that only a few people do for a long time before and furthermore it is too difficult for them getting over when these cases happen .
I love Easter because I have taking part in some parades since I was a child. Every first Sunday of Easter I carry the procession, moreover I ´ve been doing it for at least 12 years.

Antonio Luis Martínez said...

I remember I liked Easter when I was younger then now. For instance I used to see all processions, even the same one in different places and to be more precise I liked seeing the bearers. But, nowadays my tastes have changed. You want to know the reasons don´t you?
Today I think Easter is a hypocritical week. One reason for this hypocrisy would be that for example the bearers only see their Christ in Holy Week. If I was bearer I would go to see my Christ al least one a week, but is only my opinion.
Nevertheless and despite this, this Good Friday I have seen all the processions because my girlfriend loves Easter and I accompanied her not to argue "Better to be safe than Sorry"

Jesus Ruiz said...

Nowadays Easter has become an excuse to travel or visit the family, so many people don´t practice their religion.
I remember last year, I saw the processions in Seville. It was an amazing feeling. Wasn´t it? If I had had a video camera, I would have recordered processions.
However, there is one problem: Easter is a hypocritical week because many people compete to be the best and they spend a great amount of money on showing it, but I think they should spend the money on poor people, so “Better late than never”.

Miss Hernando said...

Ana María Cruz Casas 2º CAL

Saying that Easter is one of my favourite Holiday would be false. There isn’t a special reason for it but I think the original essence of this time has been lost. Today it is just a holiday that everybody uses for everything. It’s an excuse for people to have fun, do something, travell with friends or family and even to live with full religious intensity. As any party, it is an occasion for people to express their most intimate feeling that may or may not necessarily be shared by the rest.
For those who want to live their faith, it is one of the most significant times together with Christmas.
Brotherhoods and fraternities in Spain and other countries of Christian culture have helped to bring to the street the popular culture explanations of the Christian Church.
Processions/religious parades are the most popular external manifestation of Easter and they are well-Known in Spain and particulary in Andalucia (Seville is the most visited capital by tourist from all around the world at this time of the year).
I think, nowadays,Easter and its external manifestations are losing their primitive meaning only, to be an external display, a cultural parade more than a religious parade.
If I could choose my favourite holidays I wouldn’t choose Easter.